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Peru North 12 Days/11 Nights.

This package is geared for the adventurous ones who are willing to take a different approach to visiting Peru. In this trip, we will visit exclusively cities on the north of Peru. Several millennial pre-Inca civilizations flourished in this part of the country. Our trip starts in the capital city of Lima. From here we will head north to the ancient cities of Caral and Sechin on our way to the city of Trujillo. Throughout this trip, we will be visiting several pre-Inca ruins. From Trujillo, we will continue our trip to the city of Chiclayo from where we will proceed to travel to the city of Chachapoyas. Once in Chachapoyas, we will visit the enigmatic cities of Karajia and the “Machupicchu of the North”, Kuelap. After completion of the tour, we will take a bus ride to the idyllic beach of Punta Sal where you will have plenty of time to enjoy the sun and the ocean. From Punta Sal, we will take a flight to our final destination, Lima.

Highlights: Lima, Trujillo, Chan Chan, Chiclayo, Kuelap, Punta Sal.

Inca Trail 4 days - Intipunku


Day 1

Arrival in Lima; upon your scheduled arrival our Receptionist will be waiting for you at the arrival area. After the greeting and introduction we will then proceed to transfer you to the designated hotel. Once you have been briefed and checked in and depending on the time of your arrival, you can take this time to walk around and get to know the vicinity or just relax and enjoy the rest of the day.

Day 2

City tour of Lima, the places that we will visit include Huaca Pucllana, which was a ceremonial and administrative Pre-Incan building, the Cathedral of Lima, Francisco Pizarro’s Tomb, the catacombs of the San Francisco Monastery and more. Also we will get to see the modern neighborhoods of San Isidro and Miraflores with its beautiful boardwalks along the coast.

Following the city tour, we will get ready to indulge into an exceptional gastronomic experience; Musiculinaria awaits us. Lima is considered the gastronomic capital of South America. Needless to say a visit to Lima without experiencing its cuisine would be unthinkable. This is why we will head to the bohemian district of Barranco and inmerse ourselves in the atmosphere of this part of town, walk through the”bridge of the sighs” and other attractions nearby. After that we will see a “Huarique Limeño”. In this restaurant we will have the opportunity of tasting amazing typical dishes and desserts all of this while enjoying a fabulous artistic show that combines the music with the gastronomy during their preparations.

Day 3

We start our trip early in the morning. We will pick you up from your hotel and take a bus to visit the ancient city of Caral. This city is located some 200 km north of Lima. Caral is important to the history of the American continent since it is considered to be the first urban center in the continent inhabited some 4000 to 4600 years ago. Here we will visit the complex which includes seven pyramids, the amphitheater, and main squares that will allow us to get an idea of the life in this urban complex.

After the tour we continue our ride to the archeological complex of Sechin (aprox. three hours ride). In this enigmatic place we will find a religious complex made out of clay and stone. The most relevant feature here is the outside stone wall reliefs, which depict warriors and their victims mutilated body parts. There are many theories as to what they intended to convey with this decorations.

There are more interesting paintings on the inner temples like a fish and a panther. Archeologists are still investigating the true age of this site however many studies point out that this site is older than 4000 years.

Once we complete the tour of the site, we proceed to ride further to our final destination for the day; Trujillo. (Ca.200 kms.). We will transfer you to the hotel upon arrival to Trujillo.

Day 4

We start our day with a tour of the biggest clay city in the Americas and former capital city of the Chimu Empire; Chan-Chan. The archeological site encompasses around 20 sq. Km. with a dense urban center of 6 square kms. Within the urban site, we can appreciate areas of the town designated to people depending on their social status. There are a lot of decorated walls that make this unique center a must visit location if in the area.

After we complete the tour of chan chan, we take a Bus to our next destination, Templo Brujo,this archeological site is located 60 km away from Chan Chan. In this tour we will appreciate the which is located some We will take the bus to the city of Chiclayo making a stop at the Moche complex of Templo Brujo, this is the site where Archeologists found the remnants of a powerful female ruler; “The lady of Cao”. We will visit the Museum at the site where we can see the mummified remnants of the ruler. We will also visit the nearby buildings (Huacas).

Once the tour is complete, we will head to our final destination of the day; Chiclayo. (ca, 180 kms). Once we arrive to Chiclayo, we will transfer you to the hotel.

Day 5

This day is just dedicated to you…Enjoy the day and relax or plan some activities….it is completely up to you.

Day 6

We pick you up from the hotel and take our bus with destination to the city of Chachapoyas (450 kms). On the way to our destination of the day, we will make a stop at the museum “Tumbas reales de Sipan” Here we will be able to admire the collection of Garments, jewelry and other artifacts that were found at the burial site of the Lord of Sipan. This is one of the few burial sites that shows almost completely the wealth and splendor of the Moche ruler and of any ruler of that period.

We will then continue our ride and we will transfer to the hotel once we get to Chachapoyas.

Day 7

We start our tour in the morning. We drive about 45 km and after a small walk we arrive to the site where the Sarcophagus of Karajia are located. There are seven sarcophagi left, they are called Purunmachus (Purun=Wild and Machu= old) made of clay, sticks and grass. The figures show an exaggerated jawline and have a real skull sitting on top of the clay heads. Their location is unique since they are sitting on the perch of a mountain.

After the tour, we head to Kuelap. We arrive to TIngo and from there take the cable car to the fortress of Kuelap. Kuelap is also called “the Machupicchu of the North” since it is located on the top of a plateau and at 3000 masl. The area is beautiful since it is surrounded by cloud forests all around. This fortress was built around 6th century AD. And is comprised of an outer wall and around 500 structures on the inside which were used for housing and administrative purposes among others. We enjoy the view from the top of this magnificent site and after the tour, we head back to Chachapoyas.

We will transfer you to the hotel upon arrival.

Day 8

At a scheduled time, we will proceed to drive to our destination at the sea…the beautiful beach of Punta Sal. This will be a ride of about 14 hours and we will travel across different kinds of landscapes; Jungle highlands, lowlands and desserts to name a few.

We will transfer to the hotel once we arrive to Punta Sal

Day 9

This is the part of the trip where we ask you to enjoy and just relax…..the beach is at your complete disposal. Take an early morning walk on the beach, lay on the beach for an unlimited amount of time, take part on an optional class or tour….It is up to you to find a way how to enjoy these two days!!!!

Day 10

The schedule is the same as the previous day….relax and have fun at the beach.

Day 11

After breakfast we will transfer you to the airport in the morning for your flight to Lima. Once you arrive to Lima one of our Representatives will be waiting for you to take you to your hotel. The remainder of the day is free for you to make some last arrangements or visits to the many attractions that Lima has to offer.

Day 12

We will arrange the pickup from your hotel depending on the time of your flight’s departure. At this point we want to express our gratitude for taking our services and hope to be available for you another time when you decide to come back to Peru or any other location in this wonderful part of the world. Thank you so much and see you soon!!!

*****Optional activities are available upon request*****


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