Licensed Inca Trail Tour Operator to Machu Picchu 2016 - 2017

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All companies managing the Inca Trail operators license. This license is issued annually each December. There are currently 188 registered operators, (2016) with new agencies opening up each year. Many of these companies may only operate a trek a couple of times a month during the high season and these treks are mainly private groups for overseas tour companies. Before signing up with any agency, its vital to comprehend some things about the industry. The most important thing is that not all agencies are a licensed tour operator. There are two types of companies that will try and sell you an Inca trail package: registered tour operators and middle men, otherwise known as endosars. The registered tour operators are a small quantity that run, sell, and operate their own Inca Trail packages. The advocate that you speak with are the ones you will be working with directly, so if you have any concerns you can go to them directly.

Our Renewed Licenses for 2016 - 2017

All companies operating the Inca Trail must be registered and have a special Inca Trail operators license. This license is issued annually each January. See our renewed licensed for 2016 - 2017.

Our licenses as an Official Travel Agency & Inca Trail Operator is under the name of INKA TRAIL EXPEDITIONS PERÚ E.I.R.L We are registered on the official Government web site: you can find us on it.

The information given on this website is given in good faith and the authors cannot be responsible for the services provided by the individual companies.

Licensed Inca Trail Tour Operators 2016

  • Inka Trail Expedition E.I.R.L
  • Inka Natura Travel Sac
  • Peru Unique Destination E.R.L
  • Inca Trail Company S.A.C
  • Expeandes S.R.L
  • Experience Turistica E.I.R.L
  • Sun Gate Tour Operador S.A.C
  • Fiesta Tours International S.A
  • Inka Sites Adventures S.C.R.L
  • Intense Peru S.A.C
  • Apu Andino Travel E.R.L
  • Enigma Adventure Tour Operator S.A.C
  • Amazon Explorer S.A
  • Condor Expedition E.I.R.L
  • Pachatusan Trek S.A.C
  • Terra Explorer E.I.R.L
  • Mire S.R.L
  • Andina Travel Trek & Eco Adventure E.I.R.L
  • Peru Eco Adventure and Cultural Trips E.I.R.L
  • Grandes Aventuras del Peru S.A.C
  • Valencia Travel Agency S.A.C
  • Agencia Turismo KB Adventures S.A.C
  • Andean Adventure S.R.L
  • Altura Travel S.A.C.
  • Tucanos Peru E.I.R.L
  • South Adventure Peru Tours E.I.R.L
  • Instinct S.R.L
  • Tambo Treks S.C.R
  • Illapa Culturas Andinas Inversiones S.R.L
  • Machete Tours
  • United Mice Tour Operator
  • Peak South America S.A.C
  • Tierras de los Andes S.A.C
  • Saca Expeditions Servicios Turisticos S.C.R.L
  • Eco Time Peru E.I.R.L
  • Frontier Expedition E.I.R.L
  • Peru Travel Reps S.R.L
  • Chaska Tour
  • Nc Travel Cusco E.I.R.L
  • Go2Inkas Sac
  • Apu Peru SAC
  • D y F Expediciones
  • Adventure Peru Tour Operador SAC
  • Inversiones Turisticas K’intu E.I.R.L
  • Golden Empire Tour
  • Cusco Natura Travel
  • Grupo Camino del Peru E.I.R.L
  • Peru On Road E.I.R.L
  • South America Trek SAC
  • Explorandes SAC
  • Inca Trail Peru Trek
  • Apumayo Expediciones SAC
  • Lima Tours SAC
  • Eureka Andina Adventure Tour Operador
  • Inti Sun Trek
  • Agencia de viajes y turismo de Aventura Apu Salkantay
  • Condor Travel SA
  • Destinos Turistico Group Peru SAC
  • Jacu Perucho Trek E.I.R.L
  • Inversiones Andean Key Travel SAC
  • Viajes Colon
  • Welcome South America Travel
  • Wake Up Peru Trekking
  • Empresa Cusi Travel International
  • Mava Travel Service
  • Inti Kuntur E.I.R.L
  • America Andina Travel B.G
  • Green River Expedition
  • Inverciones Turisticas Andean Explorer Cusco E.I.R.L
  • Grupo Turbulencia en Peru
  • Marvelous Peru S.R.L
  • Inca Tour and Travel Adventures SAC
  • Rasgos Cusco Tours Operador
  • Transtrek Peru
  • Viajes Rumbo Peru
  • Yupi Adventure E.I.R.L
  • Anacondor Tours S.R.L
  • Journey Experience S.A.C
  • Peru Nao Tours S.A.C
  • Pumapath Adventures Peru
  • Peru Grand Travel
  • Inversiones Turistica Peru Inca Explorer
  • Machu Picchu Terra
  • Andean Spiritual Path
  • Peru Rafting E.I.R.L
  • Worldwide Exotic Adventure S.R.L
  • Vamos Expeditions
  • Auqui Peru Mountain Spirit
  • Private Machu Picchu
  • Gladium Inka Adventures & Service
  • Raices Peru Operadores Mayoritas S.A.C
  • Pachacamac Journey Magic Adventures in the Andes
  • Amazin Adventures .
  • Pukupuku Travel
  • Peru Travel Conexion
  • Manu Expedition
  • Manu Explorers Peru
  • ADV Gregory Cusco Peru
  • Inkayni Peru Tours
  • Trans Quebec Andes S.R.L
  • Eco Andes Adventures
  • Info Cusco S.A.C
  • Peru Tours and Adventure SAC
  • Aventuras X-Treme Tourbulencia en Cusco
  • Inversiones en Turismo Coavoy Peru Travel
  • Inca World Peru Sac
  • Inversiones Inca Trail Reservation
  • Exploring Pachamama E.I.R.L
  • Cusco Sunrise Peru Trek
  • Tucano Representaciones Peru Latin Trails S.A.C
  • El Chakaruna E.I.R.L
  • Adventours SAS E.I.R.L
  • Wayna Mundo Explorers E.I.R.L
  • Best Andes Travel S.R.L
  • Eco Inca S.R.L
  • Naty’s Travel Agency E.I.R.L
  • Minka’s Expeditiones S.R.L
  • Llama Path
  • Andes Amazon Trails Peru
  • Machu Picchu Travel Adventure
  • Ausangate Travel S.R.L
  • Peru Adventures Paradise
  • Marquez Viajes y Servicios Turisticos
  • Illa Yaku SAC
  • Caminos de Llama SAC
  • Inkas Peru Agency E.I.R.L
  • Conde Travel E.I.R.L
  • Tierras Vivas E.I.R.L
  • Southwild SAC
  • Andean Challenger
  • A.T Mountain Expeditions
  • Exploring Peru Travel Service.
  • Chaqui Peru Travel
  • Auqui Mountain Spirit E.I.R.L
  • Personal Travel Experience
  • Inka Trail Expedition E.I.R.L
  • Machu Picchu Mega Travel
  • Incas Journey Adventure E.I.R.L
  • Inversiones Turisticas Maza
  • Cultural Immersion Travel Peru
  • Llama Online Tour Peru
  • Qhapaqñan Adventure SAC
  • Innova Travel
  • ECS Travel SAC
  • Inca Peru Travel Tour Operador
  • Peruvian Highland Trek Expedition
  • Camping Tours E.I.R.L
  • Ceci’s Travel E.I.R.L
  • Sky Viajes y Turismo S.R.L
  • Peru Vilca Expeditions
  • Agencia de viajes Qori Travel Service
  • Peru Adventure People E.I.R.L
  • Andean Amazon E.I.R.L
  • Bio Andean Expeditions
  • Eco Waykys Tour Aventura
  • Viajes y servicios turistico Flamenco SAC
  • Loreto Tours E.I.R.L
  • Kaypi Peru S.R.L
  • River Explorers Specialists in River and Adventure
  • AHP E.I.R.L
  • Cultura Peru viajes y servicios
  • Wayki Trek Transportes Turisticos SAC
  • Travel Tour Peru First
  • Peru Raymi viajes y Turismo SAC
  • Cocatambo Inversiones Turisticas SCRL
  • Peru Fantastic Travel
  • South America Travel Service
  • Inversiones Unitours SAC
  • Epitour’s Trek
  • Machu Picchu & Beyond E.I.R.L
  • Sunshine Travel Peru
  • InkaLand Group SAC
  • Wilka Mayu Peru Tours Grupo Caminos del Sol Operador SAC
  • Royal Crown Advnetures
  • Peru Andes Top Path of the Andes
  • Quechuas Expeditions
  • Cusco BIG Foot Travel Agency
  • Inca Hike & Adventure SAC
  • Inca Trail Bamba Experience
  • SAM Travel Peru Expeditions
  • Inca Trail Machu Picchu E.I.R.L
  • Forever Adventure WT
  • Peru Travel y Healing SAC
  • Chasqui Tours SAC
  • Peruvian Sacred & Adventures
  • Inversiones Cusco Explorer’s


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